Total supply: 5000 Bridging Wolfies 🐺


The minting prices will be the following:

First 250: 2 $AVAX / 940 $GB 251 - 500 2,25 $AVAX / 940 $GB 501 - 1000 2,5 $AVAX / 940 $GB 1000 - 2500 2,75 $AVAX / 940 $GB 2501 - 5000 3 $AVAX / 1410 $GB

We decided to price our #NFT collection like this for the following reasons:

  • Benefiting all those who held the $GB airdrop.
  • Getting a huge part of the supply to the DAO's wallet. Through governance, $WOLFI holders will decide what DAO will do with the gathered $GB opening the possibility to fix the liquidity issues and enable a single-sided staking pool.
  • Funding the development of the upcoming GB Dapps, which will give both $GB and $WOLFI use cases. All developing expenses will be public.

Then, minters can decide between 2 equally benefitting options:

  1. Users can pay for their mints in #AVAX and give the DAO liquid funds to develop.
  2. Pay for their BW in $GB at a discount (while it lasts) and give part of the supply to the DAO, making it possible to increase $GB liquidity on DEXes like


Stay tuned for more updates on this upcoming NFT collection! Use cases and more details are yet to be announced. 👀